Hi!   I’m Kim.

This is my webpage where I´ll be sharing my thoughts on Life, creating, learning, being positive and teaching English as a second language.

Also I’ll be adding more thoughts related to my publications on my instagram accounts –

My instagram

My English ESL teaching Instagram

My facebook pages are:

Kim Montero Life

English ESL Kim Griffiths

Kimkat Madrid (Making things)

I’m British but I’ve lived in Madrid, Spain for many years, then had a year back in the U.K. and now I’m back in Madrid. Daisy, my ever happy miniature schnauzer, is now a well travelled dog.

I have an etsy shop selling accessories.  I am working on a new line of products which I want to celebrate the positive and awesome things of our lives – no matter how small they are.

My etsy shop

I teach English ESL (English as a second language). I have more than 20 years experience.  I teach face-to-face and via Skype. I usually publish some thing daily on my English teaching instagram account.

I enjoy singing, reading, dancing, watching Tedtalks and learning new things.

I adore spending time with my dog Daisy.

Sometimes there is much more that I would like to say. So here is my blog!


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