My evening at Bar Galleta, 10 Q & As.


*Why Bar Galleta?

bar galleta from the street, blog kim montero life.

I walked past one night and thought it looked lovely, warm light was glowing in the windows, the customers looked relaxed and happy.

I easily found the web page which is clear and easy to use. The online menu with tasty sounding descriptions of the dishes confirmed my wish to go. The menu also included food allergy information. Bar Galleta has a good online presence with lots of photos of the food and restaurant on Instagram too.


*Was it complicated to reserve a table?

No, I quickly and easily booked a table for two via their web page. Perhaps reserving for a Saturday night is more difficult but for a Tuesday night there was no problem.


*What was my initial impression

I loved my initial impression as we entered. The delicious smell of cookies made me smile! Not overwhelming just appetizing. The waiter was friendly and helpful. We were seated very quickly.


*What are the atmosphere and décor like?

Bar galleta, 10 questions answered

Comfortable, romantic and cosy. Clean bare wood tables with candles and material napkins. Golden light from overhead lights and wall sconces illuminated interesting display cabinets and elegantly mirrored wall panels.

The other clients were couples, small groups and a larger group. Casual or smart casual seems to be the dress code. The background music was pleasant and the noise level was comfortable to have a conversation.


*How was the Service?

The service was excellent! Friendly, informative and attentive. We didn’t have to wait long for our orders to come and the food was hot.


*How clean and maintained was the restaurant?

Everything I saw was very clean and nothing appeared to be in need of repairs.  For the ladies: The ladies’ room was spotless, and had paper and soap.  I loved the walls decorated with pages from a book.


*How was the food?

Even before our order came we were served with  delicious fresh crunchy bread with 3 different dips. It was so good!

mushrooms, Bar Galleta, Kim montero life blog


We shared a starter which was Stuffed mushrooms with pumpkin, truffle cheese, tomato tartar and pesto. The presentation was very pretty and the combination of tastes were amazing together. Next time I won’t be sharing this! I want one all for me.


risotto, Bar Galleta, Malasaña, Madrid, Blog Kim Montero Life


For our main course we had Parmesan cheese and boletus mushroom risotto. Which was creamy and tasted good. I felt a little overwhelmed by the quantity but managed to eat it all.



Squid, Bar Galleta, Madrid. blog


We also had Grilled Calimari (squid) with Black rice. The presentation was clean and appetizing and it tasted as good as it looked.

Bar galleta, cheesscake brownie with cookie ice cream, blog kim montero life





For our dessert we went for the Cheesecake, Brownie with cookie ice cream. What can I say? It was the perfect end to a delicious meal!  It looked gorgeous and we quickly ate it savouring the tastes that went together so well.


*How are the Prices?

The total price came up to approximately 55 euros for 2 people, which included the service charge, 3 glasses of wine, 1 starter, 2 main courses and 1 desert to share. Good prices for such tasty food, in my opinion,


*What were the best and the worst things?

The mushrooms were so good. I wanted more! Oh, and the dessert too! I can’t choose. I loved the atmosphere as well.

At the beginning of the evening I noticed the cold air* coming from the door when people entered but as the restaurant filled up I didn’t notice it any more.

*I must mention that it was a very cold night outside.


Bar Galleta, table, blog Kim Montero Life

*What was my overall opinion and recommendation?

I had a lovely time, enjoyed the food and loved the décor. Wonderful ambience for an intimate meal or celebration with friends. Great service. Good prices.

Of course, you can guess, I totally recommend Bar Galleta! 

I won’t recommend one dish in particular since all the food I saw taken to other tables around us looked great too.

Definitely book a table beforehand. We went on a Tuesday night and many people came in but could not get a table.

I’m really looking forwards to going back!


Practical Information

Location: Corredera baja de San Pablo, 31 (near the corner of Calle Pez)

How to get there: Metro Tribunal and a short walk.

Galleta bar’s web page:


I hope this has been helpful,

Have a great week!



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