Fact mixed with fiction.

Let me share my first writing assignment with you.  This week I have started a new course called ‘Start writing fiction’. Here are the two paragraphs I have written for the course so far. We had to mix real with fiction.


I’m thinking about inhaling, taking in a lot of air, expanding my rib cage and becoming weightless. It worked when I weighed myself. I breathed in and thought of a feather and the numbers on the scales went down. Why not finally do what I want to? The inspirational speaker, I listen to, says to count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and go do the action. Now? I open the balcony doors, step out, inflate my lungs and slowly, very slowly I am rising.

People have told me my voice is pleasing to listen to. They’ve suggested I use it to record audiobooks. It makes me laugh nervously inside my head. They don’t know that I stutter when I’m stressed out or exhausted. When I visit my parents my Lancashire accent returns with strength. But here in Madrid, where I teach art, I have found a different English accent, softer and more neutral. Unfortunately, my accent mutates when I talk to Americans and Australians and suddenly I sound Irish or Spanish, who knows what might come out of my mouth.


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