A little about Van Gogh

There are wonderful articles, photos of his letters and art and more resources on Van Gogh there at our finger tips on the internet. All it takes is a click and you can close up on his paintings, read his personal letters to his family or read all about the art which influenced him.

I have found so many interesting articles etc. about Vincent Van Gogh as I was browsing the internet that I want to share these great links with you.

This is all about him –


This is the letter I have taken the quote from –

I find it amazing that we can actually read his letters and see his writing online.


Here is information about the painting Starry Night ¬†–

To see more of his art work and read much more about his life and art I really recommend google arts and culture app, or see it on your browser –

I really enjoyed reading about him and looking at his paintings.

I wonder how he would have lived if he had lived nowadays and had access to modern treatment.  Would he be another square peg in a square hole or would he be the incredible artist he was and have lived longer?

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