Mixed Media Workshop at ARTPAD


I’ve always loved the things I’ve seen on Pinterest using resin and other medias, but I’ve  kind of been intimidated by using it and worried about using it. https://es.pinterest.com/thekimkatcollec/resin-jewellery-and-crafts/

I became even more interested in learning about using mixed media and resin after I saw Dawn Beedell’s gorgeous work at an Arts  Market.  https://www.facebook.com/lovelifecreativity/

She paints, uses lots of paint types, adds objects and covers her artwork in resin. They are bright and full of light.  The resin she uses also protects the colours from sun damage so they don’t fade.

When I heard she was running a workshop at ARTPAD I signed up!  https://www.facebook.com/creativityforall/

ArtPad is in Colne town centre. They have only moved there recently but it already echos Dawn’s artwork – bright and full of light, and it has all the equipment and material ready!


The workshop was from 12.30 til 15.30 on a Saturday, with tea break refreshments included. There were 10 of us all motivated and ready to have a go and enjoy the day. It was lovely to spend some time with other creative people. We were all so motivated we even wanted to skip the coffee break and just drink and eat our biscuits while we carried on working.  I was glad to find I wasn’t the only one with no experience of this kind of media.

Dawn taught us how to make our own little mixed media pictures. Short teaching segments interspersed with us developing our own pieces.

We learnt about how she prepared the wood boards ready for us.


We learnt about powder paints, mica paint, and used water sprays and even a hairdryer.

We all loved trying out new methods and really enjoyed working out how to build up the elements on our pictures. We had been told before the day that we could bring small objects to include if we wanted.  Artpad has so many different elements available to include, from laser cut wood pieces to buttons, shells and jewellery pieces. We learnt about using air dry clay, disolvable material, angelina fibres, gold leaf and more – somethings I hadn’t even heard of!

When we were happy with the pictures we had made we glued the things down.   It was amazing how different all out pictures turned out!  I loved them all!

Finally Dawn taught us about using the resin and showed us how to coat the surface of our pictures.


It takes around 48 hours to dry and I can’t wait to see mine all finished and dry.

Here it is still wet with the resin on.


I had a lovely day, learnt lots of new things and met lovely people!  My hands were covered in paint, gold bits, glue and more and my head is full of new possibilities

13497735_1120020771392688_7433433755066549235_o (1)

I definately recommend the workshops at ARTPAD.  Have a look at their Facebook page for details of upcoming workshops.


I have already signed up for a lino printing one next month!

So, am I still afraid of using resin and trying all those great projects on Pinterest?  Well, I’m not afraid anymore, but…  I’m going to work up to the big things bit by bit. For now I have lots of new ideas from the workshop.


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