My First Craft Fair

Last weekend I had my first craft fair / Art market. It was in Kelbrook, near Colne in Lancashire.

I surprised myself by answering “Yes, that sounds great!” to a complete stranger who had contacted me via my etsy shop online.  She organised the Art Market and it was an annual event in the village.  The village is just 15 minutes by car away from my home so it couldn’t have been better located.

I needed advice on preparation, how to set up my stall, what to take and everything!

Product Preparation

I make leather accessories and jewellery. I wasn’t sure I had enough products and also I wanted to have something for men too so I had a few late nights and early mornings making more rich message leather keyrings, more earbud organisers and more necklaces. I would have liked to make more leather wrap wrist cuffs, a few more dog collars and a few bags but I didn’t allow enough time.





Next, I needed ideas for the stall. I was warned that my stall would be 8 foot by 3 foot and panic set in!

I went to pinterest for ideas and compiled an album of ideas and also of advice. Have a look at my album:

This is one of the photos I found with an inspiring jewellery display from


I also found great lists on what to take with you. This one is from: Mysocalledcraftylife.


Advice articles

For advice and tips I also asked fellow etsy sellers who are on a Facebook group – Etsy resolution alumni 2016.  They were all fantastic with great advice and ideas. Didi Lou Crafts’ article on having a craft fair stall is good.

Also there is a great article from here:

My stall set up

I wanted my leather goods to have a luxury and  quality feel. I don’t think I succeeded with that so far. I thought that hessian as my stall cover and black blocks to give different heights – I can see now looking at the photos that I really do need to work on the set up a lot more.  Here was my stall.  I thought 2 mirrors would take up some room hehe, I even bought flowers to take up room but in the end I didn’t use them.


The actual event

I was worried there would be too many people, or that someone walking by would critisize my things or prices. My mum really generously came along with me on both days to help me.

There were no mad rushes of people – it was a little quiet but that was perfect, I think, for my first experience of having a stall.  I didn’t hear anyone comment on my prices or say anything negative.  I have been told to be prepared for this kind of thing and not to be thin skinned, so maybe it will happen at the next craft fair.

I made friends with the other stall holders. They looked after my stall when I went for a bacon butty, or they did.  It was lovely to chat with other craft people. They were the interesting and friendly.

At the Art Market there was leather accessories (mine hehe), stained glass, jewellery, paintings, photography, small furniture and more.

Here are some photos I took!

I must admit that I loved the homemade cakes which were delicious and the bacon butties available in the cafe were extremely popular! Here are some of the cakes with Charlotte the organiser (who is no longer a stranger) and maker of incredibly good cakes.


It was a great experience!  It has motivated me to apply for more!

Have you got any great stall set ups to share? Or anecdotes?

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