1. Interestingly informative post with the psychological use of colors 😉

    In my opinion, the logo designed by Sorella Designs looks great and fits an online e-store perfectly- Reminds me of “Mr Porter” and “Net-a-Porter” for some reason. Likely due to the simplicity lol.
    The second one created via Canvas, it’s simple and has more going on in terms of color usage. Might not fit with the theme that you got on your blog though- Considering that it’s mostly white (What I’m seeing) and the logo has a black background. Perhaps trying removing the “Square” and turning it into a circular logo instead? So it’ll not look like a “Background” and instead, it’s indeed just a circular logo. Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say here lol.

    Though if you are truly looking to giving it a unisex feel? I’d say lose the heart because personally, it made things too feminine for me and it didn’t appeal to me as a man. When I saw the design, it became apparent real fast that the logo was designed to appeal to women which, I think doesn’t sync up with what you have in mind- Appealing to everyone. If you can create something that’ll make me question “Is this logo designed for a man or a woman?”

    I think it might help but of course, that’s just my opinion!

    Ultimately, it’s your store, your decision on the designs. Choose whichever that makes you happy 😉

    Your pal,

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    1. Hi,
      Thanks Benjamin. I hadn’t thought that the logo would make it more appealing for woman, so I think you’ve got a point there. Also the circular logo does look better. I’ve used it a few times now and it is more like a real brand look.
      Thanks for your imput!
      Have a great day =)

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